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Your Nutrition Assessment
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*Assessment of your current weight in relation to your recommended weight. 
*Calculated BMI. 

*Assessment of your estimated calorie needs for weight loss,  weight maintenance, or weight gain.

*Recommended diet according to your medical history, assessment of diet recall & personal goals. 

*Assessment of a 24 hour diet recall,  you may download a blank food diary form or keep your own records if you like.
*Assessment of your lab values (if available).
*Disease risk factors will be identified based on your nutrition assessment & family history.  Prevention strategies will be provided.
*Nutrition concerns associated with your medications/ herbal supplements.
*Three day SAMPLE meal plan.


     If you would like to proceed with your nutrition assessment then choose one of the two options below.  If Paypal is not available to you then e-mail me to work out an alternative payment method.  Once you have made payment click on the assessment form link at the bottom of this page,  complete the form and then send.  You will receive your analysis with in five business days.  I will send you an e-mail to confirm that your payment and assessment form have been received.  Before making payment you may want to complete the 24 hour diet recall first so that you will have the information needed on the assessment form.
                                                                                          Thanks,  Kristi

Initial Consult = $45.00

Initial Consult + two follow-up contacts = $60.00