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Your Personal Assessment

Your personal nutrition assessment will include all of the following:
  • Your estimated ideal body weight range

  • Your estimated calorie needs for weight gain, weight maintenance, weight loss

  • Disease specific nutrition recommendations (if applicable)

  • Disease risk factors will be identified with prevention strategies provided

  • Nutrition implications associated with medications you are taking

  • Grocery shopping guidelines and healthful cooking ideas

  • Appropriate written materials that you will be able to print

Weight Loss Diabetes Hypertension Child Nutrition Gastrointestinal Disease Geriatric Nutrition
Heart Disease Kidney Disease Weight Gain Food Allergy Cancer General Nutrition
**I can help you with any of the above nutrition related issues!!

Initial AssessmentInitial Follow-upAdditional Follow-up

Please make check payable to:
Kristi Newman
Mail check or cash with assessment form to:
901 Zimmerman Road
Yakima, WA 98908

Assessment Form